Research Areas

Protein Quality Control

Cells monitor protein quality from the moment it is synthesized until it is ultimately degraded. We are studying how these pathways function to identify and cope with defective protein.

Quality Control of Translation

Failures in protein synthesis are inevitable given the massive number of proteins that cells create. We are studying how protein synthesis that stalls midway can lead to translation arrest, degradation of the partially synthesized nascent chain, and degradation of the mRNA.

HSF1 and Stress Signaling

Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) is a conserved eukaryotic transcription factor that drives a protective program in response to stress. We are characterizing and studying the effectors of HSF1 to gain a better understanding of this important regulator. 

Translation Under Stress

Selective translation in response to stress is a highly conserved, adaptive phenomenon. We are studying the mechanisms that regulate translation during stress.

Students, postdocs and other researchers interested in joining our team are encouraged to contact the lab! 

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